Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida Closed Permanently



Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida closed permanently at 4pm Thursday December 31, 2009.  We look forward to serving you at the Huxford-Spear Genealogy Library in Homerville, Georgia. Thank you for your patronage at Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison.

177 SW Range Ave
Madison, Florida 32340
Email: research@elmerslibrary.com
Hours: 10am - 4pm Monday through Friday
Elmer's Genealogy Library is a 501-C-3 non profit library
We will be closed on Friday December 30th.

Mission Statement

This library was founded to provide a safe depository for individuals who wish to share documented family histories and records for present and future generations.

Elmer's Genealogy Library is a 501-c-3 non profit library

Research Charges

If you request us to do your research, we charge $40.00 per hour for non-Library members and $20.00 per hour for Library members.

About Our Library

Elmer's Genealogy Library is an extensive resource for anyone researching their family tree. We have thousands of books as well as numerous microfiche & microfilm records.

We have a search built into our site for you to use. You can do a search here. If you find our site helpful to you in your quest and would like to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated.

At our Library, you will receive one-on-one help with your project. We love to research and are available to help you with your efforts. You are invited to come to the Library and search our resources.

If you request help from our Library over the internet without coming into the Library, our policy is to charge $40 per hour for non-members, and $20 an hour for members. Payment is due before receiving the end product. We accept Visa and Mastercard over the telephone at 850-973-3282.

Board of Directors

Our Board of directors is made up of diverse leaders from all over the United States. Each of us have an interest in making Elmer's Genealogy Library a great source for genealogy and community projects.

Elmer's Genealogy Library is a serious endeavor to collect and make genealogy research material available.


Meet Our Board Members

  • John Cloyd - Jasper, Florida, Businessman
  • Phillip Combs - NFCC Professor, Retired
  • Cary Hardee - Madison, Florida, Lawyer
  • Jackie Johnson - Business Owner and former Madison Mayor
  • Ann Mc Leod - US Air Force Colonel, Retired
  • Kay Schnitker - Madison, Florida, CPA
  • Elizabeth “Beth” Sims - Historian, Author and Board Member Ameritus
  • Elmer Spear - Elmer’s Genealogy Library, Founder
  • June Spear - Accountant, Retired
  • E. L. “Boe” Williams - Business Owner and Genealogist
  • Curt Witcher - Library Manager and Lecturer

How This All Started - by Elmer C. Spear, Founder

I am sure that "Prof" Kohler had no idea how a project that he assigned to his High School Junior students in 1960 would impact Elmer Spear. It is for certain that Elmer did not. Prof Kohler wanted his junior English students to write a story about their ancestry. I was lucky to have all four of my grandparents alive and living in my home town. So off I went in my 1949 Studebaker and talked to them about our heritage. Unbeknownst to me, after I visited them, my Grandmother Alma Miller got to thinking about her family. She wrote letters (remember the days before the internet?) and got some responses. After her death I inherited her papers.

I stuffed them away for about 20 years and after I sold my airfreight business in Tampa in 1986 I came across this work. It piqued my interest and I was off and running. Because ALL of my family lived in Ohio I found that there was an Ohio Genealogy Society and joined it and their Florida Chapter. After attending a Florida conference, I volunteered to be their newsletter editor. The chapter had 71 members at that time. For about 10 years I was editor and held several other positions in the chapter. When I left them they had 348 members. To be sure my newsletter was worthy I began exchanging with the other chapters and I also started to purchase books to help me fill the newsletters with interesting genealogical information.

My grandfather left me his interest in a small cleaning supplies business which had many family members as employees. Moe Alle, the expert on mops and brooms, also happened to have the best memory of my mother's side of the family and as I helped him fill the orders of trash bags and garbage containers, I asked a lot of questions. As the business grew, I was forced to sell my interest in order to devote more time to this website and the history so dear to me. Moe still supplies the paper towels and toilet paper for our new building, so I'm blessed to still have access to a living historian. And the revenue from the sale of the cleaning supplies business helped to finance the building in which we now store the records.

The first book I purchased was "75 years of Marriages in Wayne County, Ohio." In the past 15 years I purchased over 18,000 books. With the donations to the library our books total today stands at 20,000. These books cover every state in the union and many overseas countries.

In 2000, I (along with about 35 other helpful folks) moved the library into a new $350,000 building. In 2001, I formed a corporation to run the library in my absences. I know that I am not immortal and will not always be here. That Board is dedicated to seeing that this library continues on forever.

In 1999 I was selected as Genealogist of the Year by the Florida State Genealogy Society. This was the highlight of my Genealogy career until 2003 when the Federation of Genealogy Societies awarded me their Distinguished Service Award at their Orlando Conference. I have won four first place awards, two second places awards, and one honorable mention (the only time this was ever awarded) in different newsletter writing contests. I have also been the editor or co-editor of over 25 books on genealogy and have even published one cookbook.

Thank you "Prof" for a great career! We do not make any money but we enjoy helping folks and that is very satisfying.



More Background On Elmer's Genealogy Library

Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida, was a dedicated facility for genealogical research that provided an extensive collection for those tracing their family history. This library, founded by Elmer C. Spear, served as a significant resource with thousands of books and microfiche & microfilm records available for researchers. The library had a mission to offer a safe depository for individuals to share documented family histories and records for present and future generations, ensuring the preservation of genealogical materials.

In a significant development, Elmer's Genealogy Library was merged with the Huxford Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia, early in 2010. This merger was aimed at creating one of the most comprehensive genealogy facilities in the Southeast, further enhancing the resources available to genealogy enthusiasts and researchers alike. This consolidated library now houses an even more extensive collection, continuing the legacy of Elmer's Genealogy Library by supporting genealogical research and community projects​​.

Elmer's served as a resource for individuals researching their family history. The library was founded with a mission to provide a safe repository for those wishing to share documented family histories and records for both current and future generations. Over the years, it amassed a vast collection of genealogical materials, including books, microfiche, and microfilm records, dedicated to supporting genealogical research and community projects.

In an important development for the genealogical community, Elmer's Genealogy Library merged with the Huxford Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia, early in 2010. This merger was spearheaded by Elmer C. Spear, the founder of Elmer's Genealogy Library, and was aimed at ensuring the continuation and growth of genealogical resources available to the public. The merged entity aimed to become one of the most comprehensive genealogy facilities in the Southeastern United States, managed by The Huxford Genealogical Society​​.

The Huxford Genealogical Society, Inc., which now houses the combined collections of both libraries, was initially formed in 1972 with the purpose of collecting and preserving genealogical information specific to the Wiregrass area of South Georgia and North Florida. Contributions from members and friends have since expanded its coverage to much of the Eastern United States, drawing from the extensive work of Judge Folks Huxford who dedicated his life to documenting the genealogy of pioneer families in South Georgia​​.

Madison County, where Elmer's Genealogy Library was originally located, is a place rich in history and cultural heritage, providing a fascinating backdrop for genealogical research. The county offers various historical and cultural sites, including the Treasures of Madison County Museum, Four Freedoms Park, the historic Madison County Courthouse, and the Wardlaw-Smith-Goza Conference Center. Each of these landmarks contributes to the rich tapestry of stories and histories that are of interest to genealogists and historians alike​​.

The consolidation of Elmer's Genealogy Library with the Huxford Genealogical Library represents a significant chapter in the preservation and accessibility of genealogical records. It underscores the importance of collaboration and resource sharing in the field of genealogy, ensuring that the rich history and familial connections of the Southeastern United States continue to be accessible for generations to come.


Genealogy and family history research have seen significant interest and growth over the years, engaging a wide range of people across various ages, ethnicities, and income demographics. The allure of uncovering one's ancestral past and connecting with historical roots has not waned, despite the evolution of research methods and the advent of digital archives. Genealogy libraries, whether standalone institutions or specialized collections within public libraries, play a crucial role in supporting this interest.

The role of genealogy libraries has evolved, with many institutions expanding their services to meet the diverse needs of researchers. These libraries often serve as the first stop for both local patrons and those traveling from afar on their genealogical research journeys. The increasing popularity of genealogy has been recognized by professionals in the field, including Kathleen Kaldis, a professional genealogist known as The Ancestor Finder. Kaldis has noted the growth of genealogy and family history's popularity, emphasizing the potential for enriching programs, external partnerships, and supportive resources to enhance library patronage and create effective partnerships​​.

However, the interest in genealogy as a search query has experienced fluctuations over the years. While it reached a peak of popularity in 2004, there has been a noticeable decline in its search popularity since then, indicating a shift in how people engage with genealogy and possibly a transition towards utilizing online resources​​. Despite this, the physical and digital collections of genealogy libraries remain invaluable resources for deep, archival research that online databases alone cannot provide.

The integration of genealogical research with library services highlights the importance of libraries as essential hubs for historical and family research. Their collections, which often include books, microfilms, digital records, and other archival materials, are critical for those looking to delve into their family's past. Furthermore, genealogy libraries and their staff offer expertise and guidance that can be pivotal for both novice and experienced researchers navigating the complex web of historical documents and records.

In summary, while the method of engaging with genealogy research may be evolving with the digital age, the interest in understanding one's ancestry and the role of genealogy libraries in supporting this interest remain significant. These libraries not only provide access to a wealth of resources but also foster a community of learners and enthusiasts dedicated to uncovering the stories of the past.

Press & Media Coverage

Genealogy libraries have garnered significant attention from both the press and the public, reflecting their importance in the research and preservation of family histories. These institutions offer vast collections of records, including federal and state census data, immigration records, and more, facilitating deep genealogical research beyond the capabilities of online databases alone.

Notable mentions in media and online publications highlight some of the most distinguished libraries for genealogy research. For example, the Allen County Public Library, FamilySearch Library, Mid-Continent Public Library, and others are renowned for their extensive collections and services catering to genealogy enthusiasts. These libraries not only house millions of records but also provide access to rare manuscripts, genealogical journals, and census records, offering invaluable resources to those tracing their ancestry​​.

Further emphasizing the societal impact of librarians and libraries, the American Library Association annually awards the I Love My Librarian Award to librarians across the United States for their exceptional service and contributions to their communities. This award shines a spotlight on the profound influence librarians have through initiatives like expanding access to literacy, conducting community outreach, and supporting mental health needs. The diversity of the award recipients underscores the broad impact of librarians in academic, public, and school settings, demonstrating their crucial role in fostering community engagement and access to knowledge​​.

Genealogy libraries and the librarians who steward them play a pivotal role in connecting individuals with their past, making them invaluable assets to communities worldwide.

Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida, announced its merger with the Huxford Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia. This significant event marks the creation of one of the most comprehensive genealogy facilities in the Southeast, enhancing the resources available to genealogy enthusiasts and researchers​​.


The audience for Elmer's Genealogy Library primarily consisted of genealogy enthusiasts and researchers looking to trace their family history. With an extensive collection of books, microfiche, and microfilm records, the library catered to individuals eager to delve into their ancestry. Following its merger with the Huxford Genealogical Library, this audience expanded, benefitting from a broader range of resources and expertise available at the combined facility, which aims to be one of the most comprehensive genealogy libraries in the Southeast.

Known For

Elmer's Genealogy Library, known for its vast collection of genealogical materials, served as a crucial resource for individuals researching their family history. The library featured thousands of books, as well as numerous microfiche and microfilm records, facilitating in-depth ancestry research. With a mission to provide a safe repository for sharing documented family histories and records for present and future generations, it established itself as a vital center for genealogical studies. Following its merger with the Huxford Genealogical Library, its legacy continues in offering extensive genealogy resources in the Southeast.

Location specifics

Elmer's Genealogy Library was located in Madison, Florida, before its closure in December 2009. It was specifically situated at 177 SW Range Ave in the city of Madison, within the Florida 32340 zip code area. This location made it accessible for local residents and visitors interested in genealogical research. Following its closure, the library merged with the Huxford-Spear Genealogy Library in Homerville, Georgia, to continue serving the genealogy community.


Elmer's Genealogy Library, founded by Elmer C. Spear, was established to provide a safe depository for individuals to share documented family histories and records for present and future generations. The library's origins trace back to a high school project assigned to Spear, sparking his lifelong interest in genealogy. Over the years, Spear's passion led to the creation of a library in Madison, Florida, which housed an extensive collection of genealogical materials. In 2010, the library merged with the Huxford Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia, continuing its mission to support genealogical research.

Cultural & Social Significance

Elmer's Genealogy Library's cultural and social significance stemmed from its mission to safeguard family histories and genealogical records for future generations, offering a dedicated space for individuals to explore their ancestry. This endeavor not only preserved family legacies but also fostered a deeper understanding of cultural heritage and identity among its users. By facilitating access to extensive genealogical resources, the library played a crucial role in connecting people with their past, enriching their sense of belonging and understanding of their place in history.